NordicKit The Icelandic Company


NordicKit was founded in Iceland by two Icelandic teenage brothers who wanted to make something cool. They always had a desire for cooking and kitchen-related stuff. The younger Brother Valdimar worked in a kitchen when NordicKit where founded. 
He had that vision about what kind of company this was going to be. Valdi knew that when you are working in a professional kitchen, you need a kitchen tool that works and you can rely on.
 When Valdi was working in the kitchen, he cloud rely on the kitchen tools that he was working with because it was high-quality kitchen tools so he knew that the equipment would not break in the middle of heavy traffic on the restaurant.
 What Valdi wanted to do is to build a kitchen-related company where everybody cloud trust the products because it is high-quality products. Valdi knew and knows the pain of having kitchen tools that don't work so what Valdi did he brought this idea to his older brother Brynjólfur. 
The older brother Brynjólfur loved the idea because he always had that desire for cooking but did not know much about what is quality products and what products are not that good. 
Valdimar and Brynjólfur Started working on what kind of products they would want to sell.
 They came straight in the beginning to the conclusion that they wanted to make their product stylish. The brothers wanted to bring a little bit of Icelandic feeling into the products and their way of getting the Icelandic feel into the products where styling it with wood. 
They did not just want to sell high-quality products. They wanted to sell products that they loved.
 A product that they would want to have in their kitchen. 
A product that they cloud be proud of and be comfortable knowing that they are selling a product that they would like to buy.
Laser Focused 
In the beginning, it was tough for them. Binni and Valdi did not have a lot of support from people around them. People would say to them that this is not a good idea that they would need to think more about it, that this is not something to be joking about, they were too young. 
Binni and Valdi were dead serious about this. NordicKit is what they wanted to do, and nothing was getting in their way. When the idea started to evolve and there where some progress going in the company, then people would stop telling them that this was not a good idea and would don't care anymore. 
Mixed Feelings
Then there came excellent times in the company, and they were excited about it and told people about the success. Suddenly everybody was also enthusiastic about the good times and had an opinion about how to run the company. Even some people suddenly thought that they knew better than the brothers how to run things.
 Then came terrible times, and people were not slow to go away, and nobody had an opinion anymore. Just the closest relatives were trying to help and asking how is it going.
 The brothers did not know what to do and started breaking down, asking themselves if this was even a good idea and almost broke entirely down.
They took a few months off to rethink the concept. When they decided to keep on trying, they were more motivated than ever and started to come up with new ideas, finding solutions and than everything started to roll again. 
They began to build collections, coming up with new products and started to build the brand. They began to put on Instagram kitchen related content, for example, easy ways to cook good food, and people liked it. People began to follow NordicKit and even started to get a compliment from people around the world.
The Future Is Bright 
Their dream is all about to build the brand even more and be known around the world. A brand people can trust that they deliver excellent products. Building a brand that people cloud relate to and products that people want to have. Wanting to have a collection by NordicKit is our goal and every day that goes by we are getting closer and closer to reach that goal. 
A message from Binni and Valdi;
To you;
 Help us reach our goal and be a part of our brand. Help us build a community that people cloud reach out to and find an answer to their question.
"You only make good food with the right ingredients and last but not least, with proper kitchen tools."